Only just recently had to bring a kitten to after hours emergency care and we were rather impressed with this facility! We had a great experience here! – Brenda Lea Rushforth

The kindest techs and Dr I’ve ever met. They knew I was upset and comforted me. Today I received a card that everyone signed. Thank you all for trying. Beware City of Fullerton the coyotes are out there even by Independence Park, Flood Control Channel.
Keep all pets in at night. Don’t go through what I did. Poor little guy never knew what hit him. He had passed before I arrived here but prayed there was hope. – Thomas Wasnok

They did a great job watching over my dog for the night. Very caring! – Jenny Hoy Fortinberry

Cathy’s intuition and knowledge of being a long time cat owner proved to be correct. We rushed our little “Hootie” to the Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic after Cathy noticed Hootie too frequently going in and out of her litter box. It was after 1:30am and we met with friendly staff and a very knowledgeable Dr You. After tests and x-rays our little baby girl was diagnosed with a bad urinary track infection and was given a sedative to calm her down and an antibiotic. So it is off to see Hootie’s regular veterinarian today for continued follow-up treatment. Also on the recommendation of Dr You Hootie will get a diet change.
I just want to say that Hootie is family, we love her dearly and her health and welfare is as important as our own. I give Dr You, staff and Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic five stars and a thank-you.

1st emergency vet I’ve been to that has been kind, compassionate AND very reasonable and fair on their charges. Thank You Dr. Price, my Buddy Scraps is feeling much better.

Dr. Price is so kind and sweet. Our piglet broke his jaw and she gave him the Meds needed to make him comfortable until we could see a surgeon. We appreciate everything she and staff did for our little guy!